So bring to our platform well founded discussion; are welcome. I will continue to blog about education, child developing and parenting. Again along with different topics as to make fun to come to website. Yes, Give hoot about Education, what's happening to children and how do parents keep up.I continue to grow every day and encourage others to the same.  I have Master in Education and doesn't stop from continuing to develop my career.  .How I make my money is important. And that starts liking my job and what I do.   I have always envision myself not having to retire until I say so.  I will Move til I die is my belief.  What's yours?  Leave a comment.  Please follow my/our adventures on Straight Talk Yes, I give a hoot...What Scream in your Head? Welcome I tend to be a doer. And sometimes find it diffuclt to just go to meeting and talk about the same without doing anything. What is your pet peeve. How do you start you day? What three things can I complete to day. This question is the one keeps me organized and ready to start the day. I must see my work completed, with that in mind go at it. What do you do get your motor going at any given time?