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My blogging report

Revised Jan 16, 2019,





The Odyssey of finding myself as a writer and how to market what I write is when I became a  blogger.   Interested in writing on topics that are of interest and value to myself and others. And that is how I stumble on to Pinterest.com/guayamapr4.  I then learned immediately  I began to learn how to pin my product my books on to Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, etc…

I joined Pinterest; I get my readings on how to become a better blogger that brings value and inspiration to what I write.

Therefore, because I had been interested in blogging I joined a group that allowed me to ask questions and how to make my bell and whistle blow green SEO when using WordPress. I also follow the community of WordPress in Riverside California.  And I also have a Vitual Couch that is guiding on staying focused.

And now I  blog about topics that relate to Health, Relationship, and Wealth:



Health: I believe in staying fit. And I do promote  and weight loss diet plans 

I am still doing  Tachi twice week 30 minutes, walk and jog.  I like to work and stay active and that is why mental health is important to one’s livelihood.  We all must live a  thriving and vibrant life. Favorite drink Pure Water!

What I have found with Tachi that I alternate my weight from my leg to the and I feel the alignment I get with isolation as well as the balancing act I am performing.  Not easy.


Wealth: I believe in independent earnings as well dependent:  selling or trading.  Or making sure you training for a job you like from a company you love to wake up in the morning to go to work.

Personally, I have not retired from spending money.  I am looking to curtail expenses.  Immediately I/we looked to better cellphones and streaming t.v. deals as to minimize our expenditures.  And now using the online ideas to find a way to generate revenue; a passive income.  And I will like you to see how I am learning to do this…I want to stay home. And work with what I already am blessed with; specialization, I’m already have shared that knowledge by teaching in the classroom and writing book.  And yet I more value to add if that makes any sense. It’s is what is.  Have any questions about blogging, Health, Relationship and Wealth just leave a comment and I do some research and give you some ideas.

Well, I am focusing on what I am doing.  I not working outside of the house.  I about to sit at the social security office see how much I get, along with my teacher retirement package.  Then I will see what I have to make up.  Other than I am taking it one step at a day.  Early Retiring is my game.  Learning to Blog and teach those that want to learn by reading Why I became a blogger.  What is your’s your transformation and decision this year?  Take the challenge transform to the person you know you “ought to be.”

Relationship Yes I will be writing and promoting some wonderful ideas on how to love life because age is just a number.

It’s not greedy to have an expectation: dream you must, to me, it’s called faith and hope.  And yes I do like to build it… with a partner my children and grandchildren and friends and more family. Don’t be afraid to give and receive love.

And yes I have been married a long time.  I have to work at my marriage every day.  Sometimes is good and some days not so.  But I am a believer so I shelve the situation until the answer is staring at me the face.  Yes, Patience is a virtue.  That’s what I have learned in my life.


Yes, I am married my children are all grown up.  And have you heard the saying your children don’t belong to you?  They do to me because they are still with me. I also have a grandchild and about five grand dogs one grand puppy.


Yes, I have been married for a while and I an like any other person that loves life having a good relationship, wealth along with good health; by adding movement.  And Yes,  I work at staying in love with my husband and my family.  I am here, with them, because of HOW MUCH I LOVE THEM!.  What about you? Any thoughts?


My  Chi-poo dog 6 lbs furry guy, by the name of Beethoven.The kids in school where I worked to found and was given to me to adopt.  He came to my life when  I was going through another “becoming” transformation, I wanted to finish my master in education special education and I did.  I was feeling frazzled before I knew it he became my service dog and would travel with me.

But anyway: I went to work and this little guy had sneaked into the campus of the school worked at.  And “No” one came to claim him, and I was the privileged one to adopt him.

I soon discovered health issue he would suffer from epileptic seizures.  With care and love, they became less and less.  Lived with me for 10 years close by slept with me and all.  Doctors tell he was about 13-15 years.

He certainly became slower and disoriented like we senior tend to get up there in age and fell in the pool.  Which we so surprised because he knew his back yard it late at night, maybe did not, my husband was there and did not hear him…

That very early week had a meditation whereby, I was confronting my fears.  Yes, I do this exercise:  I also travel a lot and hate to get on plains and I do while decompressing from a trip I had made.  Soon after,  I allowed my mind; all of me to just fall from the sky…. As if in free fall-crash. Accepting death in an accidental fashion: when all of sudden my sense took me to my service dog Beethoven, white furry dog.   You see.  I always wondered how he would die? He had seizures and the last thing I wanted to see was my furry baby suffer multiple heart attacks while having seizures.

Mind you he was extremely slow slept most of the day.  Yes, in my meditation I was not worried about me falling or of death …Instead, I  became aware of Beethoven’s death rather than mind and how it would affect him.., you see I always had Mr. Bee with when I would travel right by feet.  He was my emotional support friend.  And yes, I serviced him as well he serviced me.  We both needed each other.   My Story, what is yours and can I share it?.



To make you dog a service dog you need

  1. Dog medical records update called a passport
  2. The Tag and certificate that certified the dog.
  3. Doctors Letter “Emotional”

Emotional Pet Support: Emotional Support Animal Letter Online – $99



Medpsych Resources, Santa Rosa CA – Medicine | Hotfrog US


https://www.hotfrog.com › Medicine › CA › Santa Rosa



I applied to Dadaab and they gave letter offer and I have refuse.  The time difference is not good for me I would have start work at 3am in the morning.  So, other than teaching blogging through this site; am writing my books and promoting them. I applied to Lift and took me immediately.  I didn’t pursue it.  I also applied for Postmates and they also sent me the app to download.  Now for some reason post mate, my iPhone would not allow it.  I did research for the contact number. I did not find or I was called to attend to something else and did not proceed.  Yes, I made sure that jobs I post on my resource page do say what they advertise.  Now my daughter did work with urber and son-in-law and they mentioned how sometimes they came short the ride was not worth the pay, but not enough to stop the gig.  I will keep you posted have a question I can research for you?

Yes, I will apply for early retirement.  I prefer 80% of earnings now.


Yes, the readjustment from not going to work and staying had me frantic. Yes, I adopted another chi-poo his name is Toby Tod.    Yes, I stopped working this August 2018.  I started learning on my own to blog and then build my own website.  I didn’t want a third party messing with my business.  Any comments please email. Again How I Started Blogging: the following are the goals, objective and mission of the blog.  And is it so important for me to be part of this generation?


What inspired blogging? Everyone should know how to blog: how to blog or advanced blogging: Putting to Practice What I have learned while blogging: This the Laboratory: Classroom. Join me in the solutions I find when researching the topic on how to be a successful blogger!  This my passion.  I am a facilitator on this topic this the reality of life the internet social media: our responsibility to learn.

Objective: Learn How To Blog

How to blog or advanced blogging:

Learn what are the most used niches

Building an Audience that finds value

Recommend Products that help the website

Begin to Promote Quality Market Place where to sign up for Affiliate Products

How to be Organized whiled promoting your blog

How much should you be doing professional development?

No you need a website do Affiliate products if is what you’r interested.

Recommending Funnels and Videos definitely develop an Application.


Give resource  abut the digital world. What I have learned,  I plan to pass on to those that find value in this informed blogging and how  to build a successful website: blog.  But My journey is  learning ; I am doing.  I want to  spread  what I am learn about blogging and affiliated products Now!.


A site where one can learn without feeling obligated to do anything other then absorb the same things being talked about on how to blog or advanced blogging: I put in practice and discuss with my audience. that leave comments.  Yes, try the  resource information and Links given on the site.  I this my Hard Evidence That this works.  And my audience is the reason for me researching what I write and discuss.


I share with you what I am learning, newsletter.  Again, I am teacher and strongly feel that we understand how to write a blog and put valuable content about the niche you love.

Join my site leave your email. Need to know if your finding value in what you are reading.  This what I am doing learning how to blog.  I will be writing about it and using affiliated marketing promotional or not items.    Learn how to apply prevalent products to the niche you are promoting.  The other thing about me is  I love taking pictures.  So find a theme take pictures and use them.  Go to Canva.com to get ideas.  This what I do.  It’s easy.