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By Emerald:  Green Energy 

WEALTH How to blog about Wealth and plan for financial freedom? Organize your mind and your life: 

In this case, I use Bloom Taxonomy to analyze, summarize, clarify and come up my own ideas…here goes.  You can do same.  

With this site, I hope to answer frequent customer questions about these products I come across when researching the topic of how to begin my online Business.  I hope to solve some problems that I  have encountered when considering affiliate platforms and what is differences before you consider your product or service purchase.

Using Bloom Taxonomy as to analyze the article and come with my reason to these finding and at the end always giving credit to their page; author’s point of view. .  I answer these points according to what I have learned and experience.  From my own paradigm. I came from parents that lived paycheck to paycheck when the worked for others.  But after had sold their services.  Mom was  Industrial seamstress, own business cleaning houses, then own her own sewing shop home base and missionary.  My dad an owner of a  barber and would train cocks to fight and win fights. He loved to read, pray, and his hobbies.

I was reading Linda Jones website on wealth. Loved.   I just focused on the points the author suggested we explore as to recognize a situation where I/one stands with wealth, before blogging about the topics as ways to find my “solutions of the problem why I /you/one; needs to improve in thinking big.  I need to have courage and faith in what I/you/one; believe(s) in; not just say it -but-taste it! One must demonstrate in actions; they speak louder than words.  Or need of more faith in what I/you one; believe you can achieve. “You got this”  Please “I know you.” These are solutions.   I am looking and blogging about tales, action and following my instinct; my dreams.  Never too late: age is just a number!  What is your Dream?  Write out and Start Walking towards.  Let me know how it goes.  Be thrilled you making a decision. Nice Job.



As a blogger, you can start writing about: WHAT’S YOUR PLAN FOR FINANCIAL FREEDOM?

That a blog with some interesting make passive income and have fun on what writing about.  I’m a natural educator; inclusive so I have big challenges.  I have been told. I think I am regular.  But when I look back, “I ask myself way online business? And the answer is  the field of energy of volunteering and mentoring others on how to be “Great Blogger,” 


How I am learning to react to awesome information found online  There we go I reviewed the article and have shared some my opinions-facts and reasons coming from my own paradigm: experience.  I love to hear yours please leave a comment in my mailbox.

Did you know: Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart, Debbie Fields, Meg Whitman, Estee Lauder…what they did was THINK BIG when strategies their future.there are only 14 self-made women billionaires out of 1,100 on the planet. The research indicates that there are some obstacles  “holding women back when it comes o wealth women; money. Why?  


“1. Some women operate in a SURVIVAL-TYPE MODE. Instead of thinking big and asking for more from the Universe, some think too small. Money cannot be manifested when we are coming from fear or thinking small because there is no confidence. Whether you think you will or think you won’t, you’re right! (Just like Napoleon Hill and Henry Ford said in Think and Grow Rich!) L.J.

Reply: You need to have a dream!  See yourself there.  Then work hard to see it done-accomplished.  You must complete what you

/one/I have started. 

  1. Or move on without regrets. 
  2. Be happy.  Be Brave at least.
  3. Do you doubt your work? 
  4. Especially starting blog. Yes, it’s natural.  That is why I read and
  5. do professional development every day. 
  6. My juice to even begin blogging.  I need food which information and these images I carry through the day positive ones with positive inspirational words used by the speaker. 
  7. that habit keeps me safe- doing- what I love.  Like I am doing now.  Go it.  Thank for asking.


I am soooo guilty of this.  Doubt myself so now.  I decided to heal myself.   And share my virtual world with you!  I tend to stop before the end due to the doubting.  I catch correct the thought and guess I keep and  I find the answer which a mililililil seconds, space away.  Yes.  But I have learned that it will come and you have to get out the comfort zone.  If you want; something different you have to act differently.  And look forward to your new transformation.   

Have no fear. I/you/one  welcome the transformation look forward to it.  And then I set a clock.  How to plan my day is an important step.


“Does this make sense ? Do you feel it? ”  This article has put me to reflect what tape of person am I when I spend?


I am minimalist. I love good clothing so I shop for brands at second hand etc…  What are you?  And yes, I can spend money.  I have had to learn to have self-control when spending.  Because as a child I was taught to contribute to the bigger part which was the needs  keeping a roof over our heads.  I had no habits.  So, I would give my paycheck to my family.  They would provide for me.  And they did.  I  have in abundance in material things but I have no money to say this mine.  Got it!  So what I have I spend it or give it to the house.

Open yourself to Good Karma about green energy and how not be afraid of wealth!  Think of three things you are thank for?  A.R.



“Did you know China has 7 self-made women billionaires? When asked why they have more, the article said they THINK BIGGER! Being ambitious and setting high goals is key.” LJ

Reply:  Anthony Robbins: think of  the Mountain.  I say see yourself done…working backward. They did not have Technology or did they?  I know Martha S.  did not before all this new techno…

“2. Another problem that research has identified is that apparently, some women don’t know their worth. In a survey of men and women executives, men knew how much more of a raise to ask for, but the women didn’t. When asked why, the women responded, they didn’t know what they were worth! Wow! Now there’s an issue for us to explore and change, that will greatly impact their wealth. ”


Reply: Women have had to fight for this right to equality.  And some families still keep the tradition women to the back- men to the front.  And these women themselves doing this.  Knowning your Self plays a big part of  muscle emotion and knowing ones worth as the article indicates.  Big!

“3. Some women tell me they don’t feel worthy or deserving of wealth. I’m not sure why that is, but it could be tied to spiritual beliefs (believe you can’t be spiritual and rich) or their upbringing (nice girls don’t deal with money) or something else. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this one!”

Reply:    I read and I learned from school books, reading books about humane struggles,  soap, novels, magazine, reading about how to improve oneself.  Yea, if you want wealth you have to dream and see yourself succeeding.  Talk about it. Breathe it. Taste.  The universe will change for you and open doors.  Find the equation that will give a steady money stream.  Is it a business that you have to start? Go back to school? Ask for that raise?  Do it, practice on the mirror “Look at yourself and transform.  We/I/You can do it. 


She concludes:  “When Martha Stewart or Debbie Fields made their fortunes, it was NOT from having some new technology like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. They baked cookies and cooked food, something almost everyone can do!”

“What was different? They took something basic and made it the best they could, then THOUGHT BIG, expanded and took it national and international. That’s it.

There was nothing that couldn’t have been done by you or me. It’s all how we approach money, what we BELIEVE is possible, and what action we take to make it happen!

This week, take action on something you’ve been thinking about but haven’t done anything about.

Even one small step like make a phone call, research an idea, or read a book about it. Do something to TAKE ACTION on your plan for financial freedom and above all else, BELIEVE you can have what you want! Now make it happen!” By Linda Jones


Our habits and attitudes play a huge difference in how much green energy you going attract  So, lost of reading. Believing because that is the root of faith.  Faith and Hope on full drive.   Go out and walk, talk, dream and plan big.  Have self-worth, follow women-men or programs that teach how to value yourself in this world.   Find you a safe place and place big write it down makes it real: Now Walk the Talk.  Dream and think Big!

These ladies did it when there were no social media, they used National and International advertising and import and export mailing shopping and television-telephone-telegraph.  That was their big plan; marketing system.  We have a lot more now.  What is stopping us?  I/We/One.       I like to be the one that got it,  yes  I understood.  What about you, do get it? 

I am Emerald you are you_______________ ?       Leave a comment.


Please tell me if got this.  :  Is it making sense.?  

These products  I have research and have heard of.  I personally use meditation, it works.  My tale I passed CSET exam; multiple subject in California due to having some one put me a safe place see myself done.  You see I was high school drop out and went back to school as an adult to get to where I am at…  And did it because I did not want grow old bitter.

Any of these icons will take to a world of information thought you never you find:

Brainwave Technology

Is it possible to reprogram your subconscious mind for abundance by using specific brainwave frequencies?

Law of Attraction VS Law of Attention

Discover the difference between the Law of Attraction and the new revolutionary Law of Attention…
The subconscious mind is programmed since childhood. Is it possible that your old programming is sabotating your success?




“It’s only Green Enery” Stela Raundanbuch



Have you talked to your kids about Money?

closeup photography of gold-colored ornament

For Money Magnetism to work you must be ready to put yourself first. Make a list of things you want to accomplish in your life or for that week.  Please take a look at the flow chart below on what pocket area you must have an idea of what we are talking about start cutting down as to accommodate this new you.

You must make a plan and follow and write down how you spend your money.  Be excited already you have the decision a new passion for focussing in building financial freedom…a  plan with what you have learned from using the tools in Money Magnetism program.

Money Magnetism; Abundance; according to Dr. Steve G. Jones has to do with how we think about ourselves, the world and money.  He starts with a nice video allow our every to accept what we are about accomplishing and above see ourselves accomplished, beautiful and worthy for what we are passionate about…need to make enough money to pay for what you need in every …and mind is the first to train.


My daughter, she became interested in hypnosis and one-year later she finishes her certification.  She tells me; oh I met him, mom he is  great he know his stuff: Dr. Jones.



Financial freedom concept with diagram the way to freedom



This will be easy to take a hard look at our financial situation or are we giving advice, not at all; however, for this to really, you must make a plan to financial freedom.

On how to save money and what can you do contribute to simplifying your life expense.  Reducing our expenses has to do with willpower.  How to increase cash flow in my has had me to redesign my lifestyle as obtain my goals.    I went back to school so I make more money and work fewer hours.

Money allows one to Enjoy a lifetime of Wealth and  Go here to get the full presentation on making your life come free. etc.  My hardest was to stay with debt.  But estimating what you need to spend, and how to find ways cut the expenses is crucial.    Learning ways to attract passive income is a great way to help with your expense.

Amazing, in Dr. Jones video, books and programs he  Reveal’s it just a click away…

Have all the money you need and desire…Have all the success you need and desire… Please make sure you have time to listen to the end.


Make sure you watch this video right to the end, as the end will surprise you!



I have kids make sure making a tradition to talk to your kids about Money and these are some of the ways.  Please continue your research…happy readings.

The Right Thing: Share Your Values About Money with your children.
When your son is begging for a new computer game, say no, and say why. “It’s important for kids to get used to the idea that they can’t have everything they want,” Klontz says. Tell them what your other plans are: “With our money, we’re going to choose to have a vacation together or experience together, to us, that’s more important than things. It’s OK that you want that, maybe that’s something we can think about getting down the road, but for now, we want to spend money on doing something fun as a family. That means a lot to me.”

If you hear a child talking about money, and she seems way off base, it’s a teachable moment. “Stop what you’re doing and say, ‘What do you mean? Where did you hear that?’ It gives you a chance to clarify and challenge whatever that belief is, and help flesh it out so it’s more accurate,” Klontz says.


Have you told your kids how much you make? Why or why not?

Sign in below to let me

know how

handled it.

 person holding coins

And my favorite Guru on wealth and Emotional Fitness Anthony Robins his video and his book learn how was inspire to think of others and always

finding three to be grateful.  This will make you rich.


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that makes me strong and how can I analyze and fix my problem.  You see I was using the exercise that helps one make a transformation or a realization decision.


Removing Limiting Beliefs

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