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Gowns and Tiaras for those Ladies that love everything perfect for that special day.  As a blogger and if you are married you blog about the relationship.  Between your experience, what you have seen and google search plus one can shed light to those need solution to simple problems or maybe not so simple.  Always remind the audience what you qualifications, policies and disclaimers.  Ok, I am promoting two platforms for products to promote in one’s blog:


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Marriage requires a lot of planning.  I know I have my boards with Pinterest all kinds of ideas for the occasion.  This one of my boards that are most visited.  This niche is a good one to look in.  You counsel through you blogging: I have been married 38 years.  And all I tell everyone that has made this long congratulation.  And for those that plan to wed soon you must have a plan to work at staying love with your husband or wife then you have to know business getting married.  That is what I have learned you have to work at staying in love with your family.
Marriage is a serious commitment.  I have been married for than a couple of decades:  You wind up living with this person longer than you ever imagined: 10, 20, 30, 40 years and even more.  And the dress has to be perfect.  So does the groom’s wardrobe.  Yes, before jump into this life long commitment please think about first.  Make sure that every fiber of your body and your soul says yes.  And make sure you have the right person.
Please make sure you take the relationship quiz that I have for couples.  This is something that needs to plane.  And if you plan to have then you really both have to sit down a have a long talk.
Make sure you both have the same goals.
Make sure you both like the same things at least good part …
Make sure you both talk seriously and be loyal to each other.
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