Wealth: “The Red Wine Diet” A variety of Wine Clubs to Promote


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As a blogger, This page will talk about wine and where to go and sign up to their promote affiliate wine clubs.

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The Red Wine Diet will cover what it takes to get your health back on the list below:

  1. Health Benefits of Red Wine
  2. Exact meal plan based on real food
  3. Basics of Red and White Wine
  4. What food pairings go with what winesRed Wine Diet
  5. Best ways to change your habits currently sabotaging your weight goals
  6. List of foods crushing your progress
  7. A collection of accelerators to help speed up results
  8. 200 recipes to help you get the results you are looking for

“The Red Wine Diet” pulls all these factors together into a plan you can literally live with for a lifetime.  And the best part is you will actually have fun doing it!!

Here are some of my favorite Wine Sayings to share… enjoy… I do!  Click on any of them to get Exclusive Access to Fine Wines – Delivered to your Door.



The Wine Workout Comes to Life

While this first video in 2016 was intended as a joke, the message she conveys was more serious. Shortly after the video went viral, April went to her Instagram to share with all that her goal is to show that fitness can be fun and that you can include healthy living into your daily life using ordinary items. Plus, you can still enjoy treats—that includes a glass or three of wine.

The wine workout uses bottles of wine both for resistance and for reward. Using a “WILL RUN FOR WINE” tank (btw, check out below to find one!), she shows how to take sips between biceps curls and tone your shoulders by pumping bottles.

April Storey states in an interview with the Observer.com:

“If it encourages someone to go work out because they can have a beer afterward, there are worse things that could trend,” Storey told Observer.com. “This could be a great way to raise awareness about a healthy lifestyle and show people you don’t have to feel deprived and eliminate the things we love, like beer and wine, we just have to be smart and use moderation.”

Since that first video, there has been a follow-up video made that shows how to do the wine workout with a partner!! Because drinking and workouts are two things that are definitely better with friends!

Best Friend or Partners in Wine Workout Video

Wine Workout with Instruction

Here is instruction from April Storey herself.  This is just a taste of what you can do.  The video below is a great workout and I would do the circuit 3 times.  Combine exercises doing each 3 times as well from the other two videos and you will have a full workout.  Each bottle weighs about 2.65 lbs which are perfect for low impact weight lifting.


You can let your imagination run wild with all the different exercises you can do with wine. I have also taken some of my regular workout routine where I need weights I am implementing the use of wine bottles!!  This will make for a fun workout and you will feel the rewards from it in more than one way.  Looking good and Drink Wine for the health of your heart.  Wow, what a great workout.

Where to get Great Wines to Enjoy, Share and Workout with? Ths is with directcellers wine.

Here is an amazing wine club that has fine wines delivered right to your door every month.  You have an opportunity with this wine club to get your wines for free too!!  It’s called the 3 & Free program. Refer 3 friends that join the wine club and you receive your wine for FREE!!  I am sure that your partners in wine when you workout will love this wine club too!! The wines you will receive every month will be from different wineries from all around the world with tasting notes.

What a great way to come home and know that you can do your wine workout and then unwind your day with a bottle of fine wine.  You can rest assured that when you receive these wines you will love them as they are handpicked each month by our wine experts.  Fine Wines is what this is all about, and what I refer to as my Time4Wine.  There are so many ways to enjoy Wine, with friends, family,  special gatherings too.

When you sign up with the vendors please pick the highest rating so the costumes are happy with what they buy. You can Start Now Promoting products and earning a commission learn how in this site.







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