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Blogging About Relationship:

Feb 7, 2019

1. put the cellphone away during family time and partner time and look at each when you speak

There is nothing more annoying to me is when we speaking like to look at one in the eyes.  The soul to the heart.  I want us to look at each other.


2. learn to listen, take turns.  There will be days that one speak more than other. Catch yourself talking to much and let he (them).

I always the more speak the more you say about yourself.  Wish to mean you are speaking from your perception.  I like to recall that we all come to different paradigms.

3. don’t judge or feel hurt by what your partner is saying

Be compassionate to others.  And yes, hard for  s0me does not judge its book by its cover.  This opens up into hate, not being tolerance, compassionate etc.


4. ask questions go to the root of the matter

If I am hungry I will eat you my sugar makes me irritable questions.  and I try to tell please not now later.  All tactic is valid to get to the root of the problem ask away…

6. never too late

Please if you care for this person it’s never too late.  First, find out if she feels the same about you: emotional fitness (A.Robbins).  Then plan for the “Conquista”




gold-colored ring


Here are some proposal ideas to make your engagement memorable!! Put some thought into how you want to do this and think about the conversation you had with her when you talked about your future together.

Adventurous Proposal

Just let her know you have a fun day planned out as a surprise adventure trip and will she be surprised!!

  • Take a boat ride to a beach and on the beach in seashells you can have spelled out will you marry me!!
  • Go  skiing trip and propose on the mountain top
  • Try skydiving, have them tandem you together and after you jump while descending pop the question in flight

Culinary Proposal

Culinary Proposal can be quite fun, there are many ways to do this, just be sure not to eat or drink it

  • Go out to a nice dinner and place the ring in her glass of wine
  • Place the ring on her plate of food where it is slightly hidden
  • Put the ring inside of a cupcake for her

Humorous Proposal


Humorous Proposal can be a very fun and creative way to propose.  The sky is the limit!

  • Have a movie night at home and order pizza. Write on the inside of the lid, WILL YOU MARRY ME?
  • You can order a customized Ben & Jerry’s pint of ice cream that says WILL YOU MARRY ME? on it
  • Bring her a cup of coffee in the morning and write MARRY ME? on the bottom of the cup

Romantic Proposal

Well, I think all proposals are romantic with a personal and creative touch to them.

  • Get some balloons and put a message in each balloon and blow them up.  Give her a pin to pop them and have her read the messages. Put things like memorable miles stones and WILL YOU MARRY ME? in there
  • Go to the beach and propose with WILL YOU MARRY ME? written on surfboards
  • Write WILL YOU MARRY ME ? on the bathroom mirror in sharpie and put the ring in a box on the counter, then ask her to com to look at something wrong in the bathroom!! (this actually happened to me)


Whatever type of Proposal you choose, make it a memorable one and from the heart.  From an Adventurous to a Vacation Proposal and anything in between.  The collection you will find here is sure to make anyone’s heart feel they are truly loved.

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What does BEING  a marriage REALLY mean?  According to UCLA psychologist say that there is a big difference between linking married and doing what it takes to make a relationship happen.  Take it from me I have been married 35 years.

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What does it mean being committed to a relationship?  I mean to do what it takes to make the relationship work.  It is easy to be committed to a relationship when things are doing well.

Marriages that stay strong are willing to make sacrifices within the relationship.

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When a couple has a dispute, they have many choices of how to respond, the psychologists said.

“One choice,” Karney said, “is if you dig your heels in, then I can dig my heels in too.

I can say, ‘You’re wrong.  Listen to me!’  But if this relationship is really important to me,  I’m willing to say, ‘I will compromise.’ What is my goal? Is it to win this battle? Is it to preserve the relationship?

The behaviors I might engage in to win this conflict are different from those that are best for the relationship. The people who think more about protecting the relationship over the long term are more likely to think this is not that big a problem.” we should be forgiving of the behavior of a loved one and not demand that a spouse change her or his behavior, the psychologists said.

“If it’s so easy for you to tell your partner to change, perhaps you should just change yourself,” Bradbury said. “Go ahead and take that on, see how that goes.”

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Oh, my own tip for the ladies, when you marry please make sure you have an agenda, and if don’t have to make one up on the spot.

Example whenever I would travel with my husband, I always made sure I had something I wanted to see or visit…got it…it is about both  “of” you. She is the I and you the partner is they do!

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And in a relationship, you must take turns.  While one is in charge of the cooking you out of the kitchen, you can be doing something else in another room or in the kitchen watching meal preparation, SHHHH quietly…  In a long-term relationship, you both have to take turns. (UCLA psychologist Dr, Karney).


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